ghost hunters: can you communicate with us
    *door creeks*
    ghost hunters: oh so your name is william
    Me: Did you find everything ok today Sir?
    Male Customer: Yeah everything was fine, but prices on the cat food just keep going up! I remember when it was only .30 a can! But I bet you don't, you're like what...20?
    Me: 21, but yes.
    Male Customer: God you're young, I bet you'd never go out with someone my age, unless you have some Daddy issues
    Me: ...........
    Male Customer: so do you like working here? Are you in school?
    Me: Your total today is 21.38 Sir.
    Male Customer: Are you seeing anyone?
    Me: ......Cash or Credit Sir?
    Male Customer: When do you get off work?
    Male co-worker comes up next to me: Everything ok?
    Male Customer: Yeah we're fine
    Male Co-worker: Actually I think you're being really rude
    Male Customer: What are you her boyfriend?
    Male co-worker: No I'm not. And even if I was, why would it matter? Her job is to ring up your items, make sure your shopping experience was pleasant and give you change. You're making really creepy comments to a young woman you don't even know at a cash register, it's not ok.
    Male Customer: You can't talk to me that way! I want to speak to your manager.
    Me: It's really ok, everything is Ok
    Male Co-worker: No no, I'll go ahead and call our FEMALE boss up here to address any grievances you might have *Sir*
    Male Customer: slams down 25 dollars grabs his bags and leave*
    Male Co-worker: You don't even have to take anyone's shit here. If anyone even looks at you funny, pick up that phone, call a manager, call me, call another co-worker and it will be handled. You are a valued employee and you deserve to feel safe and respected at work by *everyone*


today my best friend asked me “why cinderella’s shoe fell off if it fit her perfectly” 


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concert tickets


money for concert tickets

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